There are so many contact form plugins out there, so let’s take a look at the best WordPress contact forms for 2020.

At its most basic, a contact form collects information and connects site users to website owners. At its most advanced, contact forms allow clients to transmit payments, upload files, and redirect communication to particular departments and people in your business.

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If you own a WordPress domain or even run a simple WordPress blog, the need for an email may seem obsolete! And you aren’t necessarily wrong in thinking that. Email addresses are important, but when it comes to running a business or a blog, you may find that email has its limitations. For instance, when someone sends you an email, they aren’t automatically signed-up to your email list (growing your email list is important). You’ll have to go in and manually add their information to the list. A contact form can do that for you.

In 2020, as technology grows faster and virtually anyone can have a website, especially through the power of WordPress, the demands for plugins that allow beginners to look like pros are increasing. However, whether the goal is aesthetics or practicality, ease of use and add-ons that help connect audience and owner are the name of the game.

Here are six WordPress Contact Form plugins for 2020—some that have been around for a few years and some new—that will give your website a sleek, professional look and plug you into your audience.

Happy Forms

Plugin banner image for the HappyForms WordPress contact form plugin

If you do not want to spend time looking too much outside of WordPress for a decent contact form plugin, Happy Forms is the way to go.

Developed by The Theme Foundry, a group that’s been designing themes and fonts for WordPress for about a decade, this plugin is reliable, easy-to-use, and is built into the WordPress customizer so you don’t have to install a new user interface and learn how it works.

The free version includes spam-prevention, a drag-and-drop builder, and clear customization tools. Some of the more advanced features included in their license packages include file upload, pop-out forms, conditional logic, and Stripe, Paypal, and Mailchimp integration.

Why Download – No-Nonsense, Reliable, High-Quality Free Version.


Plugin banner image for the JetPack WordPress contact form plugin

This plugin is perfect for someone who needs a simple contact form and doesn’t want to be distracted by an extensive list of add-ons. The plugin’s contact form editor is drag-and-drop and embedded directly in the WordPress customizer. It also doesn’t require CSS knowledge and allows you to create an unlimited amount of forms.

Spam protection is not included in the free version. If you choose to upgrade to the Personal plan, this basic upgrade will get you not only spam protection, but daily back-ups, and brute force attack protection.

This is probably the most basic of the contact form plugins you can find, but in downloading this plugin you may also benefit from enhanced security.

Why Download – Easy-to-Use, Monthly or Annual Licensing Options, Advanced Security Features.


Plugin banner image for the wpForms WordPress contact form plugin

Another easy-to-use contact form plugin, wpForms offers a 14-day money back guarantee in case you find it’s not for you. You also do not need to know coding for this plugin—although it will allow you to generate custom CSS forms—and uses a simple drag and drop editor with pre-built form templates to customize your contact form.

More advanced packages allow you to create surveys and polls, include security features such as captchas, and Paypal and prioritized support. You also have spam protection, file uploads, conditional logic features, and even geolocation.

It is mobile responsive, meaning the contact form will be well-suited for phone screens, tablets, laptops, and desktops. wpForms offers just enough add-ons so the beginner may achieve a sleek, professional form at an affordable price.

Why Download – 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee, Straight-Forward Customizations, Basic Add-Ons for Beginners.

Ninja Forms

Plugin banner image for the Ninja Forms WordPress contact form plugin

Ninja Forms allows you to create and design contact forms without coding and without pulling out your hair. It’s ease of use and professional quality make it a top pick for people looking to apply payment options for customers, such as Paypal, collect analytics, and apply conditional logic.

Ninja Forms can also translate over 16 languages and has options to upload various file types such as PDF and Excel files. You also have the option to customize themes.

There are different packages available ranging from $29-$499/yr. Don’t be spooked by the top price as it will allow you everything the smaller packages offer, plus use on unlimited websites.

All packages, even the a la cart options, include dedicated support and a 14-day guaranteed refund policy. It’s website’s blog offers instructions on how to set up forms to your needs, as well, so you won’t have to go it alone after you download the software!

Why Download – A La Carte Add-On Licensing Options, 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee, Wide Array of Add-Ons and Integrations

Ninja Kick

Plugin banner image for the Ninja Kick WordPress contact form plugin

With a five-star rating, Ninja Kick is the plugin for someone who wants a non-traditional contact form feel with all the functionality of a flat contact form. This contact form lives as an icon on the side of the website and “kicks in” from the side when activated.

It offers three different modern themes that will add flare to your website and increase the likelihood that a client will connect with your site/business through its visibility.

Also included is spam filtering, great customization features, and language translation (French, Spanish, English, German, and Italian).

This is definitely the plugin for you if you’re looking for your contact form to be seen and you love to play with CSS customization.

Why Download – Affordable, customizable, interesting and modern design.

Gravity Forms

Plugin banner image for the Gravity Forms WordPress contact form plugin

One of the original WordPress contact form plugins. This plugin is great for the coder or those with basic CSS skills looking to put their knowledge to use. You can also easily save your progress on forms so you don’t lose any brilliant designs should your computer crash.

There are a number of video tutorials and a community form on their website so you can figure out how to design and manage custom fields and layouts.

All three of their licensing packages include conditional logic, unlimited forms, and file upload features. GravityForms offers a variety of add-ons and integrations such as Dropbox and Pipe Video Recording, but these add-ons come in their own packages, sold separately.

Why Download – CSS Creativity, Save Form Feature, Advanced Add-On Packages

Basic Comparison Overview

Low Price Per Year High Price Per Year Free Version Available Limited Day Money-Back Guarantee User Interface Required CSS Knowledge Required
Happy Forms $69 $268 Yes No No None
Jetpack $39 $299 Yes No No None
wpForms $79 $599 Yes Yes No None/Basic
Ninja Forms $29 $499 Yes Yes Yes Basic
NinjaKick $19 N/A No No Yes Intermediate
Gravity Forms $59 $259 No No Yes Intermediate/Advanced

Wrapping Up

I hope that’s been a helpful comparison of the best contact form plugins for WordPress, and given you an insight into what the bigest plugins on the market can do, as well as introducing you to some interesting and lesser known WordPress form plugins.

What’s your favorite WordPress form plugin? Do you ever use different ones for different sites? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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