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Before it was a deal site, WP App Store was a plugin that allowed you to purchase and install premium plugins and themes right from your WordPress dashboard.

WP App Store Plugin

Revamped Plugin Listing

You told us there weren’t enough plugins in our listing. That there were no free plugins. You said there was too much marketing in the images. That they were spammy even. We listened carefully and thanked you graciously for taking the time to send us your thoughts. Read More

WP App Store Plugin

Customer Development

It is fairly well known today that talking to customers is a very important part of developing a successful business. I recently spent a few days exchanging emails with customers and potential customers, discussing what they liked about WP App Store and what they didn’t. Read More

WP App Store Plugin

WP App Store Launches Public Product Pages

It’s been a little while in the making but we’ve finally launched publicly accessible product pages. This means that you can browse the entire WP App Store catalogue of plugins and themes right from the main website, neat right? That’s not all though, if you have an existing WP App Store account you’ll be able to jump right into your WordPress dashboard and purchase the product immediately. Read More