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How to Create an Educational Website with WordPress

Have you ever heard about online education? Well, you definitely have. As a matter of fact, online education is really a big deal today. More and more people prefer to study completely online or at least take some online classes or courses from time to time. Moreover, if you run an educational institution, no matter whether you provide online classes or not, a decent website is a must-have for your school, college, courses etc. So now you may wonder, “How do I make a website for my educational institution?” Well, this is exactly what we are going to figure out in this article.

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Train Your Clients to Use WordPress

Helping someone learn to help themselves is an incredibly satisfying experience. And it is often part of a web designer’s job description. We build something for our clients and then teach them to how to use it.

A platform such as WordPress makes this possible. However, it’s not always easy. Clients can run the gamut in terms of technical knowledge. Therefore, we must be able to effectively communicate with people of all skill levels.

Plus, there really isn’t such a thing as a “standard” WordPress website. There are plenty of shared traits. But the endless combinations of themes, plugins and customization make every site unique.

How, then, do we go about training our clients to use WordPress? Let’s explore some best practices for passing on our knowledge. Read More