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Curator of WP App Store. I build things with WordPress and PHP. I also build WordPress plugins, most notably the Instagram WordPress plugin Intagrate.


Top 5 Best WordPress Comment Plugins

Your WordPress’ comments section is as much a vital part of your blog as the content itself. It’s a place where your readers, visitors, and audience can interact with each other, the author, and you.

It’s a mini-community of people who read and has something to say about your content. It’s also a place where you can hear the voice of your readers and find out what they liked or didn’t like about your post.

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3 Plugins That Changed How I Develop for WordPress

I would imagine the journey I took into developing themes and sites with WordPress is a very similar one to a lot of people. Take a default Twenty* theme, get a feel for it, tweak it here, rip it apart there. When I first started, everything chunk of code was borrowed, copied or used as a base. I believed only ‘professional’ developers write all their code from scratch, and know all the function names and syntax without having to look them up. Wrong! Read More


A New Look

Today I am pleased to launch the new look WP App Store. The site has had a spruce up, giving more focus to the deals and introducing a blog. As soon as I took over the site I got it running on WordPress but straight after I spent time developing its administration to improve and automate some of the business workflow. It was high time for a design refresh. Read More