Month: September 2018

one page wordpress themes

Top 10 One Page WordPress Themes of 2018 and Beyond

One page WordPress themes were once just a fad, but from the look of things, these bad boys are here to stay. The one-pager theme of today is as powerful and flexible as any multi-page WordPress theme.

In today’s post, you find 10 of the best-selling one page WordPress themes. The themes on this list employ the latest web techniques such as responsiveness, parallax, and flat design among others. Read More

Selling With WordPress

How to Start Selling With WordPress: 8 Options for All Needs

Looking to get started selling with WordPress?

As the world’s most popular way to build a website, WordPress spoils you for choice when it comes to options for selling products, content, time, or anything else.

If you want to create an entire eCommerce store, you have plenty of tools at your disposal. But you can also get more focused and create a simple form for one-off payments or donations. Or, you can even build a recurring revenue base and sell content with a membership plugin or eCourse platform.

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How to Perform Effective Keyword Research and Improve Search Rankings

How to Perform Effective Keyword Research and Improve Search Rankings

If there’s one thing Google is good at, it’s keeping us on edge when it comes to their algorithms and changing ranking factors.

For example, Google recently rolled out mobile-first indexing; meaning from now on, your mobile site will be indexed before your desktop version. And we all know there’s no end in sight, leaving us to continually adjust our SEO efforts so our sites can rank well.

But there is one thing, however, that has stayed fairly consistent over the years when it comes to optimizing your website for higher search rankings: keyword research.
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Find the Right WordPress Membership Plugin for Your Site

Adding membership functionality to your WordPress site can be very beneficial. Members can view special content, maintain a directory profile and more. Plus, site owners can leverage this type of platform to make some money, as well.

The available plugins run the gamut in terms of features. Everything from restricting access to content all the way to charging members for recurring subscriptions are built right in. It’s just a matter of finding the right fit for your needs. Read More